tirsdag den 30. juni 2009

Roskilde Festival 2009, YourSpace, Club de la Faye & Artificial Intelligence

YourSpace -- Music blogs
Jannick Blaksmark spoke at today's YourSpace media event at Roskilde. The debate was moderated by Torben Eik and the music blogosphere was represented by bloggers from Regnsky and Akustikken. Weather could'nt have been better!

Club de la Faye
Musikblogs.dk recommends seeing Club de la Faye's performances and discussions, which take their point of departure in live performances and criticial theory.

Roskilde & Artificial Intelligence
If in doubt as to what to see during Roskilde 2009 you might check out Just's smart last-fm mashup tool. Answering the philosophical question: If I can only participate in one day of Roskilde music bliss -- Which one should it be based on artifical / collective intelligence.

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