tirsdag den 30. december 2008

Media Landscape 2008 -- update

Medie Landscape 2008 -- updated. The World Wide Web saw an increase in the number of unique websites in the range of 2.600% from 2000 to 2008. and we're talking websites -- not web pages! Facebook.com only counts for one websites -- but contains thousands and thousands of web pages.

The proliferation of media channels, which characterizes the current media landscape, leads to clutter. Positioning is the key to breaking through the media clutter.

lørdag den 20. december 2008

What's Brand Worth?

What's a Brand Worth? Intel Brand Equity & Brand Investment
Online Brand Support / Brand Positioning / Positioning
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mandag den 8. december 2008

Wiki update

We've just updated the Battle & Bounce wiki at Wikidot.


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B&B blog team over'n'out...

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tirsdag den 2. december 2008

Battle & Bounce website update

We've just updated the Battle & Bounce website. In addition, we've launched a new subsite (a SatSite) about our creative and collaborative partners. More info her -- Battle & Bounce -- Creative Partners.

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