tirsdag den 11. november 2008

Social Media -- for kids, right?

"There seems to be this incredible misconception that Social Media a la Facebook is for the younger generation." writes Edward O'Hara -- and addresses an important issue. O'Haras argues that e.g. SMS was taken to be a kind of buzz technology with a limited lifespan. However, the street finds its own uses for things -- and a lot of people, young as well as old, have picked up SMS as a handy communication tool.

There's huge potential in social media marketing...


søndag den 9. november 2008

SatSites & Qualified Traffic

We've just launched a new subsite explaining what SatSites (tm) are -- architecturally and functionally. We also sketch out the inherent brand positioning power there lies in using the Battle & Bounce Brand Positioning System to support CoreBrands online, e.g. to drive relevant & qualified traffic to desired sources.

You could call it branded content. You could call it online brand support. You could call it traffic generation and routing. You could call it stats gathering.

Take a look...

mandag den 3. november 2008

Battle and Bounce website updated

We've justed updated the Battle & Bounce site. Drop by.

New wiki is in the pipleline production wise.

Read more here about branding.

Battle & Bounce over'n'out

søndag den 2. november 2008

New Battle and Bounce Account on Readr

We've just launched a new aggregated content SatSite at Readr --

-- Content from Jaiku, Blogger & our main site's XML-feed gets lifestreamed.

Drop by!