onsdag den 28. januar 2009

Pharfar — Danish Reggae Producer

With more than a decade’s experience as a reggae producer, Pharfar is considered one of the very best in his field. One highprofile artist he worked with was the late rapper and singer Natasja – most recently on the song “Better Than Dem”, which also features a guest appearance by Jamaican star Beenie Man. “A good producer gives the song the right packaging,” says Pharfar.

Read the feature on Pharfar here:

Pharfar — Danish Reggae Producer

tirsdag den 27. januar 2009

Indie rock act Venice announces collaboration with Battle & Bounce

Copenhagen-based indie rock act Venice has just announced that they've chosen Battle & Bounce as their positioning and promotion agency.

Battle & Bounce will be responsible for managing online promotion and social media marketing initiatives up to, during and following the release of Venice's new album titled Sober.

Read the press release here (in Danish) --

mandag den 26. januar 2009

Battle & Bounce Press Release #01

B&B is a new promotion and positioning agency that redefines and integrates concepts and tools within the fields of positioning, media integration and social media marketing. Driven by enthusiasm, energy and a fundamental belief in quality content, we help businesses position, distinguish and differentiate themselves online and offline.

Keywords -- SatSites --

mandag den 19. januar 2009

New Battle & Bounce Logo

We've just implemented our new Battle & Bounce logo

Battle & Bounce -- Creative Brand Positioning Agency -- new logo
B&B team out...
Read more about branding.

søndag den 18. januar 2009

Ida Corr Live from MIDEM in Cannes - tomorrow at 6PM

Ida Corr Live at MIDEM on French Radio Tomorrow

"Even though she’s [Ida Corr] now fully aware of her success, Corr has no time for performance anxiety. She has toured tirelessly, primarily in Europe, where “Let Me Think About It” never fails to get clubs partying like it’s 2099. The singer has also taken her first careful step into the legendarily daunting American market with the double album “One”, which comprises a collection of the best tunes from her first two albums and a disc of remixes. “I’ll soon be doing some radio promotion work, but otherwise I don’t really know how it’s going. It’s my dream to make it in the USA, but of course it’s a really difficult market to break into. I have a lot of classic soul in my sound, so it’ll be exciting to see if it goes down well. It’s all about knowing the right people, so I’ll need to try and build up a network over there,” she reckons."

From Ida Corr - Dancing Queen.

onsdag den 14. januar 2009

Press Release -- Boom Boom Magazine #03 -- OUT

Press Release -- Boom Boom Magazine #03 -- OUT

The latest edition of the international magazine about Danish music and the Danish music scene has just hit the street – with feature articles on and sampler tracks by successful Danish artists such as Ida Corr, Aura and Alphabeat.

Editorial by Søren Krogh Thompson.

Link -- Boom Boom Magazine 2009 -- Full Press Release.

søndag den 11. januar 2009

Boom Boom Magazine Wiki Update

Boom Boom Magazine Wiki Update


Boom Boom -- The Sounds & Visions of Denmark
Boom Boom #03, 2009
Contents, Editorial --Contents, music --
Boom Boom #02, 2007/2008
Boom Boom #01, 2006
Who publishes Boom Boom Magazine?
Other Boom Boom Magazine Resources

Read more about Boom Boom #03
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lørdag den 10. januar 2009

Boom Boom Magazine -- Table of Contents Published

The Boom Boom Magazine Campaign blog brought a sneak preview of the 2009 edition's list of contents yesterday. The music magazine will containt articles on Ida Corr, Aura, DÚNÉ, SINNE EEG, Mike Sheridan & Caroline Henderson amongst others.

For the full table of contents, click here -- Boom Boom Magazine 2009 TOC.

Read more about Boom Boom #03

torsdag den 8. januar 2009

Boom Boom Magazine #03 Soon Out

Here at Battle & Bounce, we're looking forward to seeing the new Boom Boom Magazine in our mailbox within a few days.

Boom Boom Magazine is published by IFPI, DUP & MXD -- as a joint effort -- and this year's issue will be truly interesting covering a vast range of topics as far as we're informed -- including feature articles on prominent musicians and acts such as Dúné, Aura, Mike Sheridan & Volbeat.

#01 was published in 2006 leading up to Copenhagen Music Week -- an event that culminated with MTV's Europe Music Awards hosted for the first time in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The aim of the magazine was to set up an interface between leading Danish companies in the music industry and relevant international collaborators and stakeholders.


tirsdag den 6. januar 2009

What's Boom Boom Magazine?

Wiki about Boom Boom Magazine in the pipeline.

Preliminary Table of Contents (in Danish):

Boom Boom Magazine
Om historien bag Boom Boom Magazine
Maalet med Boom Boom Magazine
Boom Boom Magazine 2006

Looking forward to seeing it take shape over the next couple of weeks.

B&B out

Read more here about social media (In Danish).

fredag den 2. januar 2009

Brand Positioning Wiki Updated

We've just updated our wiki about brand positioning.

  • Brand - From Shakespeare's fire-new to brand-new
  • Positioning — from literal placement to metaphorical and strategic positioning
  • Brand Positioning System
  • SatSites
Drop by... -- Wiki about Positioning.

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